Summer in the Mountains Outing

We will have a “summer in the mountains” photography outing on July 22 at 8 AM. There will be at least two stops, just across Wolf Creek Pass. First will be the Big Meadows Reservoir area, a mile or two off the highway on a gravel road. We can spend some time exploring the area around the reservoir, for some summer wildflowers, and perhaps reflections on the reservoir. It’s a popular fishing lake, but we should be there before it gets too crowded. We can then go back out to the highway, and drive a little over half a mile further towards South Fork to the Lake Fork pullout. There is a good trail here that we can follow along Lake Fork Creek. There are some good wildflowers, as well as nice scenes of the water flowing in the creek, and a small waterfall. Plan on half a mile or so of walking at each site. Bring water to drink, a lunch or snack, and dress for the weather. We should be back to Pagosa by 2 PM or so. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Author: fotohiker

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