August Photo Club Meeting

“Late Afternoon in Monument Valley”, © Dave Anderson.

The August meeting of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club will be held on Wednesday, August 10, 6:30 p.m., at the Community United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis Street in Pagosa Springs. Our program this month is Major contemporary photographers: John Fielder and Landscape Photography, presented by Dave Anderson. This will be a hybrid meeting, also available on Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to members; others who wish to attend may request the link by email to . If attending in person, feel free to arrive any time after 6 p.m.; the actual presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m., MST. 

Dave Anderson is a member of the Photography Club and an accomplished landscape photographer. In his presentation, Dave will discuss John Fielder’s work in photography from the point of view of his composition of landscape images. John Fielder is a well known large format photographer, author, teacher, publisher and conservationist who has produced wonderful images of Colorado since the 1970’s, that put him at the apex of landscape photography. 

Club members may bring up to five images to share and discuss with the group following the presentation. If you are attending in person, bring your images on a flash drive; if attending by Zoom, please email them to no later than July 12. As a reminder, submitted images should be JPEG (JPG) format. Resize to about 2000 pixels in the longest dimension.

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club promotes educational, social and fun interactions between all who enjoy making and viewing great photography.  The club sponsors educational programs and outings to help photographers hone their skills.  Dues are at $25 per year ($35 family). For more information about the club, and to download a membership application, visit our website at .

Planning Landscape Photos

Sunrise, North Window
Sunrise, North Window, © Andy Butler

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club will meet virtually, via Zoom videoconferencing, on September 9 at 6:15 PM, Mountain Daylight Time. This month’s presentation will be by Andy Butler, and the topic will be “Using Digital Apps to plan and visualize landscape photos”. 

In landscape photography, the photographer often wants to create an image of a photogenic subject under dramatic light, such as sunrise or sunset; moonrise or moonset. While there are many websites and programs that can provide the times and compass bearing for sunrises and sunsets, there are a few that go beyond this in ways that are very helpful to photographers when planning.  In this presentation, three apps will be discussed and demonstrated: The Photographer’s Ephemeris, PhotoPills, and Sun Surveyor. 

These apps are useful in multiple ways. At home, you can place a pin on a map anywhere in the world, on any desired date, to view how the sun, moon and Milky Way will move throughout the day. You can search for specific events, such as when during the year the sun will rise over Square Top, as observed from a specific point.  In the field, the apps have Augmented Reality features, which allow you to visualize the path of the sun, moon and Milky Way as they move through the sky, against an image of the landscape through your smart phone’s camera.  

Following the program, we will have our usual image share. Club members may submit up to five photos to share. Please email your images for sharing, by September 8, to . For Zooming, a larger image size is desirable, 2000 tall by 3000 pixels wide or more. 

Club members will receive the link for joining the Zoom session by email. If you are new to Zoom and have not yet downloaded it to your computer/tablet/phone, visit the Zoom download page, , to do so. It’s really easy to use. For most of you, all you will need to do is click the “Link to join Zoom meeting”. 

Update:  A video of this presentation, recorded from the Zoom meeting, is available for viewing at: .

January topic: Ten Images

Pagosa Peak, from Ice Cave Ridge
A winter view from Ice Cave Ridge

The first meeting of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club for 2020 will be held on Wednesday, January 8, 6 pm, at the Community United Methodist Church at 434 Lewis Street. 

A major emphasis of the Club is to improve our photographic skills through learning from one another. In that vein, our January program will be Ten Images: Show and Tell. Members are requested to bring ten of your photographs from 2019 for discussion. These might be what you consider your best, your most interesting, or your most challenging photos of the year. Tell the group about each image, the situation when you took the photograph and what you like or might improve. The goal is to inspire Club members through a discussion of what makes good images, including aspects such as composition, impact, and technical quality.  This will be a more extensive discussion than what we typically have during our image share sessions (which we won’t do this month). 

As an introduction to the discussion, we will re-visit a 10 minute video presentation on the “f-5.3” method of critiquing images (Gregg Heid presented this method to the Club a couple of years ago). The video will give us a good starting point for thinking about what makes great images.

Club members area also invited to our first Photo Talk and Coffee breakfast of the New Year, at Dorothy’s Cafe, on January 23 at 9 AM. These breakfasts are a great way to have an informal chat with other club members about photographic topics (or other topics of interest). 

The Photography Club’s membership year begins in January. For those of you have not yet paid your dues for 2020, you may do so at Club meetings. Dues will remain at $25 this year ($35 family). The membership form may be downloaded and mailed in with your payment (instructions on the form) if that is more convenient.

Color in the Landscape, November 13

Courthouse Mountain and Cimarron Aspens
Courthouse Mountain Sunset, © Andy Butler

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club will meet on Wednesday, November 13, 6 pm, at the Community United Methodist Church at 434 Lewis Street. 

Our topic this month will be “Color in Landscape Photography”. We will watch and discuss a video Landscape Color Variation and Combinations by National Geographic photographer Michael Melford. Melford will present several concepts for ways in which color variations can be used in your photographic compositions. Those attending are asked to bring your ideas, and questions, on using color in your photographic compositions. 

Members may bring up to 10 digital images on a flash drive to share and discuss following the program.  Given our topic, perhaps think of “colorful” images. 

This will be our last monthly meeting of the year; the club will resume programs in January. Also, because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will not have a Photo Talk and Coffee this month. However, we do plan to have one on Dec 5 at the usual place (Dorothy’s Cafe) and time (9 am). 

November 14 Meeting, “Four Kinds of Light”

The November meeting of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club will be held on November 14, 6 PM, at the Community United Methodist Church fellowship hall. We will view and discuss a video lesson by National Geographic photographer Michael Melford, “Four Kinds of Light in Landscapes”. Melford will touch on a few concepts of composition in addition to discussing the effects of various kinds of light on landscape photos. What are your favorite types of light?

This will be our last regular meeting of the calendar year, so there will be some Club business to attend to as well.

Each member may bring up to 10 images on a flash drive to share. This month, consider bringing at least some photos that are “all about light”, in which the lighting (natural or artificial) is a major player in the image.

The gallery of photos from the Oct 1 Chama train chase has been updated with photos from more of the participants. So even if you already looked at it, check it out again. The gallery is on our Club web site:

What’s Important in a Photograph, Oct. 10

Photograph © Gregg Heid

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club will hold its October meeting on Wednesday October 10, at The Community United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis Street.

Join us for socializing at 6 p.m., followed by a brief business meeting at 6:30 p.m. Experienced photographers and those just starting out are welcome.

The Photography Club normally meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the fellowship room of the Methodist Church.

The October Photography Club Meeting will feature Gregg Heid. His presentation will be on “What’s important in a photograph”. He will discuss several qualities that help create photographs that grab your attention, including emotion, light, composition, and creativity. Heid is the current Vice President of the Photography Club and has been active in the club for several years.

Club members are invited to bring up to 10 photographs on a flash drive for sharing with the group. In recognition of the season, everyone is encourage to include at least some images on the theme of “haunted or hunted”. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us through our website

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