Pandas & Conservation Photography, April 12

Giant Panda on 2 Tree Trunks, © Katherine Feng

The April meeting of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club will be held on Wednesday, April 12, 6:30 p.m., at the Community United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis Street in Pagosa Springs. Our speaker this month is Katherine Feng. Katherine’s presentation will be on Using Conservation Photography to Help Save Endangered Species

Katherine Feng is a retired veterinarian who devotes her photography to protecting China’s endangered species and their habitat.  Katherine is a Senior Fellow of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photography.  

Katherine spent 6-9 months a year for 4-1/2 years in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve documenting the work of staff and researchers to save the giant pandas from extinction.  Her images have been published internationally in calendars, books, National Geographic, Paris Match and numerous conservation magazines. Her giant panda images are featured in the children’s book, Panda Kindergarten.

Waving Panda, © Katherine Feng

Katherine will present a program on how she approaches conservation photography to educate the public about wildlife, their habitat and people’s efforts to protect them.  She works closely with the different nature reserves in China where she donates her images for conservation purposes.

Katherine’s presentation will feature photos of China’s giant and lesser pandas as well as the lesser-known snub-nosed monkeys and the critically endangered black-crested gibbons and white-headed langurs. The presentation will also be available by Zoom; for Zoom information contact Andy Butler at

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club sponsors educational programs and outings to help photographers develop their skills. Photography Club members learn from one another and build their networks. The Club welcomes photographers of all skill levels. Dues for 2023 are just $25 ($35 family). For more information about the club, and to download a membership application, visit our website at .

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