2022 PSPC Digital Photography Awards Celebration

The Fifth Annual Digital Photography Awards Celebration of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club was held on September 14 at the Elk Park Meadows Lodge, and by Zoom. This year 18 photographers submitted images in four categories: Landscape, Creative, People, and Nature. Images in each category were evaluated by impartial judges on the basis of composition, impact, and technical quality. In addition, Club members voted to determine “People’s Choice” winners for each of the four categories. During the evening, we enjoyed dinner, socializing and viewing all of the entries in this year’s competition.

In the Nature category, 1st place was awarded to Darryl Saffer for Terror Heron. Herb Grover received 2nd for Great Blue Flight, and 3rd was awarded to Kathie Disner for Pasque Flowers. This category was very competitive, with six images receiving Honorable Mention: My Fish and Little Blue Heron, both by Adrienne Disbrow, Dancing Cranes, by Andy Butler, Two Ravens by Herb Grover, Rufous by Liz Jamison and Hunting Stare by Scott Galabota. In the People’s Choice voting for this category, Disner’s  Pasque Flowers received 1st, Darryl Saffer was awarded 2nd for Unhappy Fox and Grover’s Great Blue Flight was 3rd. (Click for larger images)

The winning image in the Creative category was Black ’n’ Yellow by Scott Galabota. Second was awarded to Chris Roebuck for BNSF8470 and 3rd went to Bill Milner for Penitente Cactus. Andy Butler and Tony Aldwell received Honorable Mentions for Desert Sunset and Glass Lights respectively. Topping the People’s Choice poll for this category was Spiders by Adrienne Disbrow. Roebuck’s BNSF8470 and Aldwell’s Glass Lights tied for 2nd

Among the images entered in the People category, Kathie Disner received 1st place for Rascals, and also 2nd place for My Boots. Bill Milner was awarded 3rd for Charles Martinez, and Scott Galabota’s The Joy of Color received an Honorable Mention. Results of the People’s Choice voting for this category were Disner’s Rascals in first, Galabota’s The Joy of Color 2nd, and Fishin’ by Adrienne Disbrow in 3rd. 

In the Landscape category, the top image was Yei Bichei & Totem Poll, by Andy Butler. Dave Anderson received 2nd for White Sands Dark Cloud, and Herb Grover’s Bosque Sunrise was 3rd. Receiving Honorable Mentions in this group were Lake San Cristobal by Scott Galabota, Echo North Slot Canyon in Fall by John Farley, and Homestead by Chris Roebuck. People’s Choice voting selected Anderson’s White Sands Dark Cloud first, Piedra River by Adrienne Disbrow 2nd, and Butler’s Yei Bichei & Totem Pole in 3rd.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who entered, all those who voted for the People’s choice, and those who helped with the logistics of the contest and Awards Celebration. These include Scott Galabota, John Farley, Liz Jamison, Susanne Russell, Chris Roebuck, Doris Gellert, and Gregg Heid. Special thanks to our judges, Yvonne Lashmett (Creative and Landscape) and Eric Pahlke (Nature and People). 

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