Wildlife Photography in the San Juan Mountains

American Pika Exhaling, © Deirdre Rosenberg

The March meeting of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club will be held on Wednesday, March 9, 6:30 p.m., at the Community United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis Street in Pagosa Springs. Our topic this month is Wildlife Photography in the San Juan Mountains, presented by Deirdre Rosenberg. This will be a hybrid meeting, also available on Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to members; others who wish to attend may request the link by email to abulter@mac.com . If attending in person, feel free to arrive any time after 6 p.m.; the actual presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m., MST. 

Deirdre Rosenberg is a wildlife photographer with a deep passion for the alpine environment. Her work with alpine and subalpine wildlife shines a light on how our changing climate and growing outdoor recreation impacts these beings and the ecosystems they call home. When Deirdre isn’t in the high mountains, she is working closely with red fox to visualize their dynamic family structures  and how they fit into our changing planet. Deirdre resides in the rugged San Juan Mountains with her husband and dog. In her presentation, Deirdre will show and discuss some of her stunning images of the wildlife that make the San Juan Mountains their home, including Pika, Mountain Goats, and Red Fox. To see more of Deirdre’s photography, visit here website at https://www.deirdredenaliphotography.com

Following the presentation, members may share up to five of their recent images with the group. If attending by Zoom, please submit these by Tuesday, March 8. They may be emailed to abutler@mac.com. If attending in person, images may be brought on a flash drive.

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club promotes educational, social and fun interactions between all who enjoy making and viewing great photography.  The club sponsors educational programs and outings to help photographers hone their skills.  The Photography Club’s membership year begins in January. For new members, dues are at $25 per year ($35 family). For more information about the club, and to download a membership application, visit our website at https://pagosaspringsphotoclub.org/about/ .

(This presentation will be rescheduled for later this year!)

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