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I wrote about naming your photographs, but I neglected to advise on how to use your own name. You need to change it to fit the situation. This idea encompasses much more than this writing can cover, because an artist can use an “brush name” just like a writer uses a “pen name.” That opens a lot of possibilities. But in this writing I will confine my comments just to using variations on your own name.

Here are some examples using my name, Joseph Sinclair:

Jose Santa Clara – use for quasi-Mexican, quasi-Spanish, or Southwest US situations (e.g., exhibits)

Joseph de Sancto Claro – use for quasi-French or elegant situations (e.g., museums)

Joseph Santo Clare – use for quasi-Italian or romantic situations

Joseph St. Clair – use in England

Joseph Sinclair – use in Scotland, Canada, and the Southeast US

Joe Sinclair – use in situations where you’re dealing with half-wits or good ol’ boys

Джозеф святой Клэр – use when dealing with the Russians

Just type English [whatever language] into Google, and you’ll get the Google translator. Then translate your name.

If you’re building a brand, switching names doesn’t work well, of course. But it’s difficult for one person to build a brand. So, why not change the ambiance of your name to fit a particular market or clientele?

When selling photos in Santa Fe, why be Joseph Sinclair when I can be Jose Santa Clara? When selling at Trump Tower, why be Joseph Sinclair when I can be Джозеф святой Клэр ?

Your name can fit your photos too. If I’m doing knock offs of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joseph de Sancto Claro might be my best name. If I’m doing photos reminiscent of Caravaggio, Joseph Santo Clare might be my best name.

Author: Joseph T. Sinclair

Photographer since 1950.

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