“Wild Orchid Man” Screening for July Photography Club Meeting

Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil, © Darryl Saffer

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club will meet at 6 pm, July 10, at The Community United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis Street. Our speaker this month will be Darryl Saffer, presenting his film The Wild Orchid Man In The Devil’s Realm . 

Join us for socializing at 6 pm, followed by a brief business meeting and presentation at 6:30 pm. Anyone interested in improving their photography is invited to attend, whether a novice or experienced photographer.  Club members may bring up to 10 photos on a thumb drive to share with the group after the presentation, if time permits. 

The Wild Orchid Man In The Devil’s Realm is the fifth film in the Wild Orchid Man series. The series is sponsored by the Sarasota Orchid Society as part of their education program. The films are travelogues focusing on the flora and fauna in the ecosystems that support rare and exotic orchids.  Locations for the films have ranged from the swamps of Florida to the tundra of Manitoba and from the Peruvian Andes to the island of Tasmania.

In making The Wild Orchid Man In The Devil’s Realm, world renowned orchid taxonomist and artist Stig Dalström and award-winning filmmaker and composer Darryl Saffer traveled to the Australian island of Tasmania seeking the strange plants and legendary animals that inhabit this land. While stunningly beautiful, this land has a dark and tortured past. It is now striving towards a more enlightened cultural and environmental future.

Darryl Saffer is a filmmaker/photographer/composer and was the audio/video producer for Mind Magic Productions (RMC Interactive). There, he composed the soundtrack and edited the video (live action and animation) for the Jane  Goodall environmental adventure CD-ROM Jubilee’s Journey. Darryl studied and taught classical composition with the goal of composing film music. He became so interested in the process of filmmaking the he began shooting his own films of his favorite subject – nature.

His camera has focused on such diverse subjects as orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island, public housing in Florida and cosmic theory. Darryl documented a botanical expedition in the cloud forest of Venezuela, produced the CD-ROM Tales Of Titans – The Amorphophallus titanum in North America and his film, Myakka River State Park is part of the permanent exhibit at the South Florida Museum.  Saffer produced, photographed and edited the Education Channel’s award-winning programs for the Florida Field Journal and is now shooting and editing episodes of The Field Journal in Colorado. 

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club promotes educational, social and fun interactions between all who enjoy making and viewing great photography.  Membership is just $25/calendar year for individuals and $35 for families. To join or renew, fill in the application form and mail it with a check for your dues to the address shown on the form, or bring it to one of our meetings. For more information about the club, see our website at pagosaspringsphotoclub.org.

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