Fall Color Outings

We are planning three “fall color” Photo Club outings for members to take advanatage of the spectacular fall foliage. The first will be September 29. We’ll do a drive and shoot outing, with only very short walks. The destination will probably be Plumtaw road and/or the Upper Piedra/Williams Creek area, depending on what looks good. This outing will begin at 1 PM. There are typically some good back-lit aspens in the mid afternoon. If you are interested in this outing, let me know (abutler@mac.com) and I’ll confirm final details of destination and meeting place.

The next outing will be in Ridgway Oct 3-5. I know several good spots for either morning or late afternoon photography in that area. Given the storm we are having this weekend, there is a decent chance to have snow in the mountains for a background in aspen scenics as well. We plan sunset shoots on the 3rd and 4th and probably one sunrise shoot on either the 4th or 5th, and a mid-morning shoot on the other day. For the sunset shoots, we will likely be in position to also photograph the rising near-full moon, especially on the 3rd. One of the sunset sites may require a mile or so of moderate hiking off-trail. The others will be road side stops. During the day, I may do some moderate/dificult hiking, which is optional for anyone else who wants to come. There are motel rooms in Ridgway and RV campsites at Ridgway State Park. If anyone in the club is interested in joining me, or has questions, contact me at abutler@mac.com.

Finally, we will do one more local fall color outing. This will be Monday, October 9,

Fall color and storm clouds at Navaho Peak
Storm Clouds at Navajo Peak ©Andy Butler

depending on the aspen color and weather. A backup date would be Oct 13. This would again be mostly a drive and shoot outing with limited walks near the roads. I’ll determine the location as the date comes closer, but am thinking of either Buckle’s Lake road area, or possibly the Navaho River area, south of town. This could be a full day outing, as there are areas with good photographic potential for both morning and late afternoon. Again, if you are interested, send me an email (abutler@mac.com).

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