Upcoming Photo Club Outings

We are planning two photo club outings in the near future.The first will be Saturday, May 20. Meet at the Coyote Hill parking area at 9:30. This is about 6 miles north on Piedra Rd. Where the pavement ends, you will cross a cattle guard, and the parking area is ON THE RIGHT shortly after that. The valleys are intensely green, the mountains still have snow, and the aspen are getting their “new leaf green”, so conditions are great for landscape photography. We will head further out Piedra Rd to the Williams Creek Reservoir area. On the way, we’ll stop to photograph the mountains north of town, do some stream-side shooting, and look for wildflowers. We may see wild iris, Old Man’s Whiskers, lupine, choke cherries and others. Some areas we should have a foreground with farm animals grazing and mountains beyond. Most of the photography will be close to our cars, but depending on the group, there are a couple of optional walks up to half a mile or so. Any lens from wide angle through moderate telephoto could be useful. Tripod is optional, perhaps bring one if you’d like to try some long exposure stream photos. Bring drinking water and snacks, dress for the weather, and wear comfortable walking/hiking shoes. The road is OK for most cars, though there are a few patches of washboard. Meet at the Coyote Hill parking area at 9:30, Saturday May 20. We should be back in Pagosa by 3 PM. Please send Andy an email (abutler@mac.com) or call (512-581-1470) if you plan to go on the outing

The second outing coming up will be Saturday, June 17, to the Creede area. We will drive the Bachelor Loop, which passes by a number of abandoned mine sites. If time permits we may do some photography in Creede itself, as well. For this outing, we will meet at the Tractor Supply parking lot on the east side of Pagosa to car pool, and leave from there by 8:30 AM.

It will take roughly 1.5 hr to drive to Creede, so consider that this will be more or less a full day outing. I’ll send more details about this trip as the date approaches. Email or call me at abutler@mac.com or 512-581-1470 if you have questions. And I am always looking for new ideas for Photo Club outings, so if you know a good spot to shoot, let me know!

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