Fall Color Photography Outing

Hi everyone, I hope you have all been out photographing our great fall color this weekend. Next Saturday, Oct 8, I am planning a club outing to the upper Piedra/ Williams Creek Reservoir area, depending on where the leaves look good. This will be primarily a driving trip, with very short roadside walks. Meet at the parking lot in front of the old ALCO (now Camino Real) at 1:30 PM Saturday. In mid-afternoon, there should be some nice back lighting of some of the aspen groves. There are some spots we can stop to get those “intimate” aspen photos, as well, and maybe reflections on the reservoir. This will be pretty informal, so as any of us see great subjects, we can stop and take advantage.

Some of us will want to stay out until around sunset, which will be about 6:40, so we may need at least 2 cars, so those who want to go home earlier can plan accordingly. Plan on dressing in layers in case of wind, and wear good walking or hiking shoes for roadside stops.

If you would like to go, please send me an email directly (abutler@mac.com); or call me at 512-581-1470; however, note that I will be out of contact until Friday evening.

Author: fotohiker

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