Field Trip to Summitville

We are planning a photo club field trip to the Summitville ghost town for Saturday, August 13. Meet at the Tractor Supply parking lot on the east end of Pagosa for an 8 AM departure. It will take us about 90 min to reach the Summitville ghost town.

Summitville was a gold mining town beginning in the 1870’s, and was occupied during several boom and bust cycles. Most of the remaining structures were likely built during the 1930’s, but a few could be older. The site is about 11, 400 ft high, above tree line, with some good mountain views in the area as well as the crumbling remains of the town’s buildings.

You’ll want to wear good hiking/walking shoes, as the ground around the site is rough. Also bring warm layers in case of wind or weather, a lunch or snack and water. The trip will last until mid to late afternoon, depending on the group’s interests. If time permits, there might be a couple of stops on the return drive to Pagosa.

To get to Summitville we will drive across Wolf Creek Pass on US160 and turn right on Forest Road 380 (Park Creek Road). As you get near the tree line make a left turn on Forest Road 330. Summitville is a few miles beyond the turn. The roads are fairly well-maintained and suitable for a regular car.

If you plan on going or have questions, please contact me at or 512-581-1470.

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