Snowshoe to the Piedra Ice Flow

On Saturday, Jan 30, I am doing an outing to the Piedra Ice Flow. This is an area where water seeps down from the cliffs above the Piedra River to form a free-standing column of ice perhaps 30 ft tall and 6 ft or more in diameter flowing from the overhanging cliff to the river itself.

The plan is to snowshoe down the river about 3/4 mile to the Ice Flow. There are other picturesque ice formations on the way, as well as overall views of the partly frozen river in its gorge. The ice flow is a bit different every winter, but always interesting.

I recommend snow shoes for this outing for their traction. Cross country skis may be possible, but we will be walking on the surface of the river ice at least part of the time, and you won’t have the same control or mobility as with snow shoes. It’s a fairly easy walk, with only slight change in elevation.

Let’s meet in front of the old Alco store and leave at 1 PM. The flow will largely be in shade in the early afternoon, and will get sun beginning around 3:30 – 4 PM. I’ve shot the area with focal lengths from 24-135 mm (full frame equivalent). We should be back to Pagosa by 5 PM. If you don’t have snow shoes, I do have a pair I could loan, and they are also available for rent around town. Wear warm boots, dress in layers, bring water and a snack. If you are interested or have questions please let me (Andy Butler) know by Thursday evening; don’t reply to this club email, contact me directly at 512-581-1470 (cell) or I’ll send more details to those who are interested.

Author: fotohiker

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