Horse Photography

A group of ten members of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club had an opportunity to photograph horses, including two mustangs, at a ranch near Pagosa Springs on June 6. Thanks so much to Stacey Couch for giving us the opportunity to photograph these beautiful animals. Here is a selection of images from our trip; thanks to photographers Chris Roebuck, Joe Sinclair, Andy Butler, Brenda Breding and Mark Guenin:


Bosque del Apache Outing

A terrific group of a dozen Photography Club members spent the weekend of Dec 7-9, 2018 at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. We had (mostly) good weather and lots of birds. We even found some decent food in Socorro!

Here are sample images from six of those who participated. Click on the popup caption of any image to start a slide show style view.

Chama Train Chase

Eleven members of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club traveled to Chama, NM on Oct 1 and followed the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Rail Road steam train on it’s journey from Chama to Cumbres Pass (and a little beyond). Besides the charm of the train, we had a glorious autumn day to enjoy, followed by a late lunch back in Chama. Here is a sample of member’s photos from the day.

Plumtaw Fall Color Outing

The weather was perfect for the Club’s September 22 Plumtaw Loop fall color drive. Although the color is a little spotty this year, eight of us found some interesting images, spectacular scenery and a few stunning Aspen groves. Here is a sample of some of the photographs from the day, taken by Jacquie and Rob Hagberg, Kristine Rubish, Andy Butler, and Chris Roebuck. Click each image to enlarge.

Fall is Here!

Sneffles Range Dawn © Andy Butler, Nikon D7100, 85 mm, f/8, 1/125 sec

Happy Equinox day! Autumn is a favorite season for many photographers. Here in Southwest Colorado, the forests are alive with gold from Aspen, willows and cottonwoods. Although reds are not as common, look around and you’ll find many Autumn hues beyond gold. 

While it’s easy to find great color and take pleasing images, after awhile you’ll find many of your photos look good, but also look much the same as everyone else’s. So it’s worth spending some time thinking about ways to make your images both technically better, and also more creative. 

Here are eight tips for better Autumn shots, from Peter Baumgarten. I especially like his tip to not let the weather stop you!

Nasim Mansurov, at Photography Life, has several good Fall foliage tips. His article features several images from the Dallas Divide area, near Ridgway, where the photo above was taken. 

One of his suggestions is to use a polarizing filter. which can really help to reduce specular reflections from foliage, producing richer colors. Another is to do your research into good places (and times) for the best Autumn foliage photographs. Finally, and always important, Mansurov reminds us to always identify what, exactly, our subject is. 

Finally, Outdoor Photographer has ten great ideas for more creative fall color photography from Kurt Budliger, at  His tips include using backlight, long exposures, long lenses (to isolate color) and a variety of other techniques to give your images of fall color a more unique, creative look. Well worth a read. 

Personally, I’m going to spend part of the first day of fall photographing one of my favorite locations in the Pagosa Springs area, around Plumtaw Road, with other Photography Club members. I’m hoping for a few clouds to develop. Enjoy the fall color while it lasts! 

Summitville Outing

On July 23, 2018 seven members of the Pagosa Springs Photography Club traveled over Wolf Creek Pass to the old mining town of Summitville. Located high in the San Juan Mountains, at 11,400 ft, the town’s remnants bear stark witness to the harsh environment. But the weather was perfect for our visit; clear in the morning with gathering clouds as the day progressed. This is a gallery of some of the Club members’ photos that resulted.

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