Photo Club Slot Canyon Outing

A dozen members o the Pagosa Springs Photography Club hiked and photographed a couple of slot canyons near Echo Amphitheater in Northern New Mexico on April 11. This is a slice of “canyon country” within a couple of hours of Pagosa Springs, hiding several short but sweet slot canyons. We met up at Echo Amphitheater itself and then made our way to the canyons. The morning started off with some amazing skies with scudding clouds, and became more overcast later in the day. We first hiked to Rim Canyon, then did Echo North Slot Canyon. Neither canyon was too difficult, for the most part. Many thanks to John Farley for suggesting and organizing this outing! Below are some sample photographs from Club members Liz Jamison, John Farley, Andy Butler, and Mark Guenin. You can click on the popup caption of any image to view a larger version, and navigate through using the arrow keys on your computer, or by swiping on your mobile device.

Author: fotohiker

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